I’m a Minneapolis-area journalist and editor and specialize in topics relating to science, health, reading and travel.   Believe it or not, those things occasionally overlap. I work for national and regional magazines, academic institutions, and corporate clients.   I have written about an incredible array of subjects and people, from dismantling bombs in the former Soviet Union and making electricity from microbes, to Broadway shows, mice, and potential cures for cancer. I’m especially proud to have won the 2008 Michael E. DeBakey Journalism Award from the Foundation for Biomedical Research.  Check out my Web site at www.terriwrites.com  And, I’ve joined the roster of book reviewers at the online literary magazine Minnesota Reads— “They like big books and they cannot lie.”

I’m an obsessive reader and traveler and I want everyone else to come along for a look at the world through a literary lens on, for example a literary walking tour of Midtown New York City, a stroll through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s neighborhood in St. Paul, or tour that offers a glimpse of the Devil in the White City a.k.a., Chicago.  I explore the places where literature and travel intersect, both how to escape with a good book and how to understand the places we travel through the eyes of authors who have gone there before us. Click on the Sign Me Up! button in the column to the right to sign up for an email subscription to this blog.


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  1. Hi Terri,

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I want to tell you that I like it a lot. Congrats! Nora

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